Bolt Action: Soviet Army Starter Army (1940-43)

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Operation Barbarossa saw the brave patriots of the Soviet Union fighting to hold back the German invasion launched against their Motherland. Forced into a series of fighting retreats, the Red Army refused to break in the face of the seemingly invincible German Wehrmacht. At the battles of Stalingrad and Kursk, the Red Army would seize the initiative from the Germans, ultimately sealing the fate of the Third Reich.

This Bolt Action starter army provides a great value core to your Soviet force during the early years of WWII - massed Red Army infantry supported by the deadly T-34/76 tank and suppressive firepower from a medium machine gun and 45mm anti-tank gun – death to the fascist invaders!


  • 64 multi-pose hard plastic Soviet Army infantry
  • One hard plastic 1/56th scale T-34/76 medium tank
  • Metal miniatures for:
    • one officer
    • one commissar
    • one medic
    • one medium machine gun team
    • one 45mm anti-tank gun with crew
  • Also Includes plastic bases, decals, stat card and vehicle damage markers.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted