Warpfire Minis presents the Warpcrate: Roulette Challenge! Inspired and designed with painters in mind (we're looking at you Goobertown Hobbies!), this roulette style Warpcrate is guaranteed to contain five different Games Workshop minis in each box for only $20 a month! These minis will not be cohesive units, be from a specific faction, or have a guaranteed retail value, but will instead be completely random unpainted, primed, or new on sprue minis; an excellent way to sharpen your painting skills while having fun to boot. We challenge you to submit your best, most interesting, or most fun paint job to us at warpfireminis@gmail.com! We will announce the winner the last day of every month; they'll take home a new in box Games Workshop prize!
This month's theme: CIRCUS!
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"The Warpfire Minis #Warpcrate is a truly devastating victory forged power chest filled to the brim with warpstone-infused treasures from all around the Mortal Realms. These battle born, hero tested war trunks are sure to inspire your army to new heights and decimate any flesh, stone, metal, or bone that stands in the way of Major Victory"
Warpfire Minis presents the Warpcrate; a Warhammer Age of Sigmar or Warhammer 40K mystery box! Every Warpcrate is guaranteed to be packed with $40+ retail worth of Warhammer miniatures and accessories delivered to your door for just $25 a month! We send out a mix of new on sprue and assembled miniatures, some painted, some primed, and some are still bare plastic or metal.
For example, a Skaven Warpcrate might contain:
1 x Warpfire Thrower ($18 Retail)
10 x Clanrats ($17.50 Retail)
1 x Cygor Brown Contrast ($7.80 Retail)
Total Retail: $43.30
Just choose your game and the factions you prefer and we'll get right to work hand picking Games Workshop products we think you'll love!
As featured on eBay Miniature Rescues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiR_OI_Ko4s&t=3s
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