"The Warpcrate is a truly devastating victory forged power chest filled to the brim with warpstone-infused treasures from all around the Mortal Realms. These battle born, hero tested war boxes are sure to inspire your army to new heights and decimate any flesh, stone, metal, or bone that stands in the way of Major Victory"
The Warpcrate; a Warhammer Age of Sigmar or Warhammer 40K mystery box! Every Warpcrate is guaranteed to be packed with at least $60 Games Workshop retail worth of Warhammer miniatures and accessories delivered to your door for just $35 a month! We send out a mix of new on sprue and assembled miniatures; some painted, some primed, and some are still bare plastic or metal. You're guaranteed to get at least one full playable unit in every box!
A few examples for different factions:
Space Marines: 10 x Assembled Infiltrators ($60 Retail)
Orks: 3 x Painted Deffkoptas ($65 Retail)
Stormcast: 10 x Vigilors New on Sprue ($65 Retail)
Lumineth: 10 x Primed Auralan Sentinels ($60 Retail)
Just choose your game, the three (or more!) factions you prefer and we'll get right to work hand picking Warhammer products we think you'll love. 
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