Bolt Action: Australian Matilda II Infantry Tank

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This boxed set allows for one of three variants to be assembled: Matilda II with 2-pounder anti-tank gun, Close Support with 3” howitzer or Frog flamethrower.

Although obsolete in the European theatre, the A12 Matilda II infantry tank’s heavy armour and proven weaponry were ideal against the lightly equipped Japanese forces in the Far East. The nature of the terrain precluded the large armoured formations experienced in North Africa. Instead, the Matilda-equipped Australian 4th Armoured Brigade was broken up and deployed as individual troops of three tanks in direct support to the infantry.

The Australians made several field conversions to the standard A12 Matilda II, the two main additions being armoured guards fitted to the front tracks and protection against the turret ring becoming a shot trap.

The Matilda Frog was a terrifying weapon, firing gouts of pressurised flame. Needing a 20-second pause between shots while the pressure built up again, it required close infantry support to prevent the tank being overrun by the enemy.

Contains one resin and metal medium tank, Bolt Action stat card, vehicle damage markers, full colour waterslide decals, Bolt Action order die.