Trade in Program



Have any Warhammer Age of Sigmar or 40K minis or armies laying around on shelves or in boxes that aren't seeing any play time?


Trade them in towards brand new ones! Our process is simple:

1. E-mail us a list and pictures of what you have to Use a format like:

    10 x Liberators
    5 x Judicators
    1 x Knight Incantor
    1 x Celestant Prime
2. We'll reply with a fair offer that you can use towards any new Games Workshop product! We can typically give you 50% of retail for your old minis! Once you receive the offer just reply with a list of the new products you'd like; anything on GW's website is fair game!

3. Pack your minis with care! Follow our instructions below to ensure that your minis arrive safely; any poorly packaged boxes that arrive will either be charged for repairs or returned to sender. Once they're packed up, ship them directly to our store at:
Warpfire Minis     
1700 E Hwy 329
Citra, FL 32113
4. We'll order in your new products upon receiving tracking information from you, check your package to make sure everything's there when it arrives, and then ship out your new products!
How to pack your minis to ensure they arrive safely:
Things you'll need: An appropriate sized box, bubble wrap, packing paper, scotch tape, and packing tape.
Step 1: All minis need bubble wrap. Roll any fragile minis up individually in bubble wrap, fold the corners over, and use one piece of scotch tape to hold the wrap in place:
When dealing with sturdier units in big groups you can put them in a ziploc bag, get the air out of the bag, and bubble wrap the entire bag following the same process:
Step 2: Place the wrapped items in the box and fill all empty space with packing paper: 

Step 3: Tape the box closed and shake the box; if you hear any movement in the box then you need more packing paper! These are fragile plastic minis and any movement in the box greatly increases the chance of them arriving broken.


If there's no movement, you're good to go!