Echoes of Doom NIB

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Along with 42 plastic miniatures, the Echoes of Doom boxed set includes a book filled with narrative info, new rules for fighting in the Realm of Fire, and battleplans that follow the Sylvaneth’s quest to hunt down the ratmen. There are also warscroll cards for the units in the box, and tokens to help you easily keep track of abilities in the heat of battle.

Whether you keep it all for yourself or split it with a friend, Echoes of Doom is a great way to start a new Sylvaneth or Skaven army – or to add to an existing one. This box set contains:


1 x Deathmaster (new)

1 x Screaming Bell

20 x Clanrats

10 x Stormvermin


1 x Spirit of Durthu

1 x Lady of Vines (new)

3 x Kurnoth Hunters

5 x Gossamid Archers (new)